Sunday, June 5, 2011

Denmark Green Card

Immigrate to Denmark

Have plans to immigrate to and live and work in a developed European Union member country? Denmark Green card points based system is the program which you should be making the application under! Explore the option to Immigrate to Denmark and live and work in one of the happiest countries in the world.

Denmark Green Card Points Based System

Denmark Green Card Points Based system assess the prospective applicants on the basis of their skills (age, educational background, proficiency in the language and work experience) and allows them to get a temporary residence permit visa on the basis of their qualifications for the motto of getting employment in the nation.

The applicants are entitled for bonus points if they have earned their qualifications from an eligible university. Moreover, the entitlement to get extra points increases by having the presence of an occupation on the Positive List for Denmark.

Scoring mandatory points allows an applicant to get a temporary residence permit (provided other pre-requisites are fulfilled too). Entry of spouse and dependent children is permitted in cases too.

Educational qualification

The level of academic degree may differentiate from one nation to another, even if the title is same. For instance, a Bachelor's or master's degree holder earned from India may NOT have the same equivalence to a Danish Bachelor's or master's degree. Overseas education qualifications not meeting the equivalency norms of Danish don't hold much importance from immigration perspective and may adversely affect the points granted for a residence permit under the scheme. You can claim up to 105 points under educational point factor for Denmark Green card.

Consult our Denmark Immigration specialist to know more about acceptance of your qualifications as per Danish equivalency norms or whether you can claim points under this crucial factor.

Language skills

The language skills of an applicant are judged on the basis of the official Danish language proficiency tests meant for overseas applicants.

Points are given as follows:
• Level corresponding to Danish Language Test, Level 1 : 5 points
• Level corresponding to Danish Language Test, Level 2 : 10 points
• Level corresponding to Danish Language Test, Level 3 : 15 points
• Level corresponding to Study Test in Danish as a Second Language or advanced/one year's study or employment: 20 points

Work experience

An applicant can earn a maximum of 15 points on the basis of work experience, provided the occupation is present in the positive list and is in demand in Denmark. Points would be granted in accordance with the number of years worked in the industry, within the last five years.


Points are granted on the basis of the age at the time of submission of the application:

• 35-40 years: 10 points
• 34 years or younger: 15 points

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